Top 10 John Frusciante Guitar Riffs

Top 10 John Frusciante Guitar Riffs

John Frusciante

The day which many Red Hot Chili Peppers fans thought and believed that would never come it turned out to be an incorrect assumption. Namely, John Frusciante which was one of the first members of RHCP has returned to iconic LA funk outfit almost exactly a decade since he announced his most recent departure.

Red Hot Chili Peppers have so far booked a pair of 2020 U.S. shows, May 15th at Gulf Shores, Alabama’s Hangout Festival and May 24th at the Boston Calling fest. Frusciante will replace Josh Klinghoffer, who has served as the guitarist for the band’s past 10 years, including albums I’m with You and The Getaway.

The video below is uploaded on the YouTube Channel – Guitar Pilgrim as the celebration of the comeback of John Frusciante in RHCP. You can watch the video below and find out the most iconic and melodic rhythms and guitar riffs of John Frusciante during his career.

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