This is a ‘Neckless Guitar’ And It Sounds Unreal

This is a ‘Neckless Guitar’ And It Sounds Unreal

YouTuber builds ‘neckless guitar’ and it’s just as silly as it soundsYouTuber builds ‘neckless guitar’ and it’s just as silly as it sounds

Bernth is an Austrian guitarist, composer, and session musician. He contributed guitar solos to three platinum albums and received two gold awards for his soundtrack work. Prior to launching his career, he graduated with honors from the Vienna Music Institute.

During the early days, Bernth toured through Europe, the USA, Canada, and Latin America. At the time he played as a live guitar player for the Austrian extreme metal band Belphegor. In 2015, he joined the Pop/Rock outfit Seiler und Speer, contributing guitar solos and overdubs to multiple chart-topping albums and singles.

His virtuosic guitar videos and educational content earned him a Silver Creator Award for reaching 100,000 subscribers in 2020. He also held the title of the world’s largest music creator on Patreon for several months in 2021.

Bernth’s debut solo album ‘Elevation’ received acclaim upon its 2021 release, featured in Guitar World Magazine, Premier Guitar, and other media.

Bernth Brodtrager is also a YouTube content creator, and he has just constructed possibly the most unconventional guitar build ever. It’s as quirky as one would expect. Specifically, he fashioned a “Neckless guitar” in his latest video. In the video, he removed the neck from an S-style Ibanez model to create this unique instrument. He even claims to have ‘played’ an entire song with it (which is conveniently available for streaming on Spotify).

Some of Bernth’s prior experiments include drilling numerous holes into an acoustic guitar, employing dental floss or rubber bands as strings, incorporating fireworks within his guitar, and even playing with an amp submerged underwater.

However, in an age of headless guitars, could neckless ones be too far behind? In the video, he unscrews the neck from his Ibanez model and saws off the headstock. Subsequently restringing the model to play without the essential fretboard.

He asserts that he composed an entire song using it, aptly named “Levitate,” which he then claims to ‘play’ throughout the video. Bernth has to manually hold the headstock in its usual position to maintain string tension.

In the video, he writes, “By pulling the headstock, I can manipulate the pitches. I can even simulate extreme vibrato by shaking it.”

We’d be curious to hear that sound without all the production on it. However, there is no concrete evidence that he’s actually using this ‘neckless’ guitar to produce any of the sounds in the track.

“Although I didn’t think I could genuinely play a solo on this instrument, using the wild, whammy-like bends surprisingly worked,” he added. Despite admitting that the eccentric build was done for the sake of enjoyment, he mentions that his left shoulder eventually begins to ache.

Check out the video below:

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