Learn How to Play Blues Like B.B. King

Learn How to Play Blues Like B.B. King

B.B. King

The video below is around 12-minutes, and the guy from the YouTube Channel Guitar Pilgrim explained some of the B.B. Kings interesting playing tricks and style. The video is starting with the main focus on the B.B King’s tabs playing.

Some of the people commented on the video the is “freaking awesome!” Also, you can find out how you can play B.B. King – with only one note, but you need to be fast and focus on your guitar.

Now, if you want to learn the style of the solo playing like B.B King, grab your electric guitar, watch the video from the beginning to the end, and find out how much you can play like B.B. King. With a couple of short notes and phrases, you will have a chance to sound like the king.

One of the big things while you listening to BB King who plays, is to pay attention to the moments when he’s not playing – it’s quite incredible.

*Remember: You should never play a major scale in a minor key. Don’t play Minor Pentatonic when it’s Minor Pentatonic… unless your name is B.B. King.

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