Introducing the Only Guitar App, You Need It – Gibson App

Introducing the Only Guitar App, You Need It – Gibson App

introducing-gibson-application-moblie-dire-straits-blog-guitar-stories-gibson-guitars-news-2021Introducing the Only Guitar App, You Need It – Gibson App

Gibson Brands Inc. these days has introduced their new mobile application – Gibson App. As they introduced, this is the only guitar application that you need it. With this application on your mobile, you’ll have a chance to learn guitar through specially designed skill paths. Also, you can play along with hundreds of famous songs, tune, watch Gibson TV, and more.

You can get inspired by watching Gibson’s original TV series about guitars, music, and culture. Follow a learning curriculum from the basics to advanced skills. Never too hard, and never too easy – just right for you. Learn at your own pace and track your progress.

The interactive lessons turn each learning step into an immersive and motivating experience. It even listens to your play and gives you feedback in real-time.

You’ll have a great time playing even if you’re brand new at guitar. Each lesson has multiple genres, so choose the genre you like the most. All lessons are developed by expert teachers. All you need to get started is an acoustic or electric guitar and headphones. No cables are needed.

This application also has a guitar tuner supports standard tuning and loads of alternative tuning options, including chromatic tuning. Choose between automatic string detection or manual. If you’re a beginner, there’s a “how to tune” video that will guide you.

For more information, check at Download application from Google Play Store or Apple Store.


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