Igor bring us the Tropical sound of “Walk of Life”

Igor bring us the Tropical sound of “Walk of Life”


As we wrote in the past few days, Igor Presnyakov the Russian guitarist has one great video where he played “Walk of Life” in his specific guitar style. This classic hit from Dire Straits has interesting sound for our ears. The magic what Dire Straits gave us during the years is a still fresh.

If you put all those things together, chords, rhythm, drums, bass guitars…you will get amazing sound. Before 5 years, Igor share this video on his YouTube Channel. Today we want to re-share that for our fans. This version of “Walk of Life” is very easy and relaxing.

The rhythm is reminiscent of tropical sound, easy and pleasant for listening. Igor with his “magic” hands and electric guitar give us incredible sound. Enjoy in this video!

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