“Your Latest Trick” on Saxophone – Sounds great! (Video)

“Your Latest Trick” on Saxophone – Sounds great! (Video)

Sergio Rouver - Brazilian saxophonist.

Sergio Rouver is a professional Brazilian saxophonist. He has 44 years and he lived Espirito Santo state in Brazil. Currently he works in the Military Police band in his state and also parallel he work as a musician in orchestras, making recordings, saxophone lessons and work arrangements for bands.

Enjoying with his family and nature, Sergio told us that he also enjoyed in studying saxophone and flute. He also loves to watching movies and TV shows.

When he was at the age of 16 started to study saxophone, but before that when he was 8 he started to play on guitar. He went to the music school and later Sergio entered in university of music, graduated and specialized in music education.

DSB was in contact with Sergio, and we get information that he really like jazz, but also enjoy in their Brazilian music, especially bosa nova and MPB (Brazilian popular music), which is very interesting music. Below is one video where Sergio played on his saxophone the popular song from Dire Straits “Your Latest Trick”.

“My favorites Brazilian artists are Ivan Lins, Ton Jobim, Hermeto Pascoal, João Donato, João Bosco, among others; American artists have admiration for Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, Eric Marinhetall, John Coltrane, and others”, said Sergio.

He also told us few words about Dire Straits a. “I heard Dire Straits for the first time when I was still very young in 80s. Since then I’m their fan. The songs that means lot for me me are “Sultans of Swing” and my favorite “Your Latest Trick”, added Sergio.

“I really like hearing Dire Straits, they make me come out of this world.”

“My motto of life is to try to do good for the people and to bring quality music for them. What motivates me is to know that in this world there is so much good music and so many people who are involved in doing good that. Even if it is a difficult task, we must always move on, always believing in better days for the world.”

And for the end can you tell something to all fans who read the Dire Straits Blog?

“I would like to thanks the Dire Straits Blog for the opportunity and honor I had in sharing a little bit from my life. We will continue to listen to the beautiful songs of Dire Straits, as they take us to another dimension, a time that never comes back, and remind us of happy moments in our lives. Thank you very much”, finished Sergio.

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