Guitar Stories: Alice Cooper the Age-Defying Rock Legend with No Plans of Retirement

Guitar Stories: Alice Cooper the Age-Defying Rock Legend with No Plans of Retirement

Guitar Stories: Alice Cooper the Age-Defying Rock Legend with No Plans of RetirementGuitar Stories: Alice Cooper the Age-Defying Rock Legend with No Plans of Retirement

In the world of rock ‘n’ roll, age is often seen as a formidable adversary, capable of silencing even the most iconic voices. Yet, there exists a select few who continue to defy the relentless march of time, setting an example for generations to come. Among these ageless rock stars is Alice Cooper, the 75-year-old master of shock rock, who shows no signs of slowing down.

In a recent interview with Rock Candy magazine, Alice Cooper proclaimed that retirement was not in his playbook. He remains as eager and energetic as ever to entertain his loyal fans, and he draws inspiration from the timeless Mick Jagger.

For Alice, Mick is just another quintessential rock ‘n’ roll prototype. Jagger, at the helm of The Rolling Stones, still captivates audiences with three-hour shows. At the same time, he is doing rigorous sound checks, proving that age is but a number. “So if Mick can do it, so can I,” he says.

“A farewell tour hasn’t crossed my mind at all,” Cooper declared, shrugging off the retirement trend that has claimed many of his peers. Even when confronted with the impending retirement of close friends like Gene Simmons, who stated, “Come December, it’s over” for KISS, Cooper’s resolve remains unshaken. He notes the current trend of farewell tours that seem to stretch on for years, emphasizing that he is not following suit.

Cooper also cited other iconic bands of his era, like Aerosmith, whose members are contemplating similar farewells. Nevertheless, he remains resolute in his commitment to his craft, echoing his determination to continue rocking the stage.

“None of that occurs to me. It’s never been a thought that I’d retire. I feel great, and the band sounds great. I’m 75, but I’ll be up there at 90 if I’m still in good enough shape.”

What sets Cooper apart is not just his unwavering passion for music, but also his belief in maintaining the image and performance quality that fans have come to expect. He declared, “I would not wanna play Alice Cooper if I didn’t look like Alice, the same way I looked like Alice in the ’70s.”

Cooper, with his signature shock value and outrageous stage presence, remains a consistent embodiment of his brand. “I still look like that Alice,” underscoring his commitment to delivering an electrifying performance every time he takes the stage.

As a testament to his enduring vitality, Cooper asserts that people continue to flock to his shows. “I think people come to see Alice, and they’re expecting to see this relic, and they see the highest-energy show they’ve seen all year,” he proudly declares. “I’ve never been in better shape,” he added.

In a world where retirement is becoming increasingly commonplace among rock legends, Alice Cooper stands as a symbol of unwavering dedication and a vivid reminder that the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll knows no age.

As long as he remains in good shape and his fans continue to crave the shock and awe that is Alice Cooper, the music world can rest assured that this rock icon will continue to paint the stage with his unique brand of theatrical brilliance.

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