Presenting the Gretsch 140th Double Platinum Anniversary Collection

Presenting the Gretsch 140th Double Platinum Anniversary Collection

Presenting the Gretsch 140th Double Platinum Anniversary CollectionPresenting the Gretsch 140th Double Platinum Anniversary Collection

Gretsch, the iconic instrument builder with a rich history spanning 140 years, is commemorating this remarkable milestone with the release of their Double Platinum Collection.

Paying homage to their legendary instrument designs and the influential musicians who played them, this new line features six unique models that showcase Gretsch’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovation.

From classic favorites to rare gems, the Double Platinum Collection is a testament to Gretsch’s enduring legacy in the world of guitar manufacturing.

For 140 years, Gretsch has been synonymous with exceptional guitar craftsmanship. Since their first appearance on the scene 90 years ago, Gretsch guitars have captivated musicians worldwide. In the late 1930s, Gretsch made a significant impact with the introduction of the Synchromatic range. Catching the attention of professional players seeking top-tier instruments.

As the electric guitar gained popularity in the post-war era, Gretsch played a pivotal role in shaping its evolution. Throughout the 1950s, when rock and roll swept the world, Gretsch introduced some of the most influential guitar designs. These guitar designs became a significant part of American history.

Rock and Roll Era

The Duo Jet, a solid body guitar, found its place in the hands of rock and roll innovators like Cliff Gallup and Bo Diddley, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.

In 1954, Gretsch unveiled their flagship model, the White Falcon, at the prestigious NAMM trade show. Around the same time, Chet Atkins received his first signature model, the Hollow Body, cementing his association with Gretsch guitars. The year 1957 witnessed the birth of Atkins’ top-of-the-range Country Gentleman, which became an iconic instrument in its own right.

Gretsch’s 75th anniversary in 1958 was marked by the introduction of the Anniversary models. These electric archtops, available in single- and double-pickup formats, are highly sought-after collector’s items. They fetch substantial prices on the vintage market.

In celebration of Gretsch’s 140th anniversary, the family-owned company has launched the Double Platinum Collection. This is a testament to its enduring instrument-building legacy. This exceptional lineup includes six models, each paying tribute to a significant era or iconic design.

Each one of these six guitars draws inspiration from past Gretsch guitars. So, from these guitars, the fans can see classics, embodying timeless elegance and versatility. Grandeur and sonic prowess as well as stunning aesthetics. All that is put into these six guitars.

Gretsch’s dedication to Chet Atkins is commemorated with the G5420T-140 Electromatic 140th Double Platinum Hollow Body. A guitar that embodies Atkins’ signature sound and style.

As Gretsch celebrates its 140th anniversary, the Double Platinum Collection is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to producing exceptional guitars.

Visit the Gretsch website for more information.

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