Gibson offers new finishes on 2018 Model Lineup

Gibson offers new finishes on 2018 Model Lineup


Over past few years, Gibson has taken a page from the car industry playbook by updating their model lineup every year, and announcing new models and updates in the fall.

The historic Nashville-based builder announced their 2018 model catalog, detailing the new options and models to replace the 2017 class of Gibson guitars.

Compared to the far-reaching changes seen in previous years, the 2018 Gibson’s do not represent a major departure or overhaul, and reception around the internet has been relatively mild. In this sense, it seems as though Gibson has finally heeded the words of many consumers by leaving well-enough alone. Gibson has dropped some of its less popular models from the catalog representing an overall simplification for dealers and buyers.

As in 2017, most of the core models including the Les Paul Standard and SG Standard are being offered in “Traditional” configuration or with a “High Performance” package that includes G-Force automatic tuners, a more modern neck profile and belly curve, and a few other more modern appointments.

There are also a few new finishes on the books this time around including “Blood Orange Fade” and “Hot Pink Fade.”

Blood Orange Fade (left) & Hot Pink Fade (right)

On some gear forums, the Classic Les Paul with P90s seems to be getting an especially positive reception.

Classic Les Paul with P90s

Beyond the Les Paul’s and SGs, Gibson is also offering updated Firebird, Flying V & Explorer guitars this coming year. Notably, these designs are using torrefied granadillo instead of rosewood for their fingerboards.

2018 Firebird Studio
2018 ES-335 Dot in Blue Burst
2018 Explorer
2018 SG Standard HP in Blood Orange Fade


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