Few Interesting Facts About Guitars!

Few Interesting Facts About Guitars!

few-interesting-facts-about-guitars-dire-straits-blog-news-guitar-storiesFew Interesting Facts About Guitars!

We could not imagine the world today without music, but also without guitars. Here are some interesting facts about guitars. You may already know some of these facts and some may not.

National Guitar Day is celebrated every year on February 11th. The whole day is dedicated to this instrument. Without a guitar today, it’s hard to imagine any pop or rock song. This instrument is an indispensable part of the music world. Find out some fascinating facts about the guitar below.

Six interesting facts about guitars

The first-ever made guitar was in ancient Egypt. Namely, in the historical scripts, there is mention of a guitar-like stringed instrument created more than 3,500 years ago. It belonged to the singer Har-Mose and was made of cedar and had three strings. That instrument is still kept in a museum in Cairo, Egypt.

The largest guitar in the world, which entered in the Guinness Book of Records is long over 13 meters. That is approximately like a bus, and its weight is about a thousand kilograms! What’s even weirder, this guitar is playable.

On the other hand, the smallest guitar in the world “Nano Guitar” which cannot be played is 10 micrometers long. That’s the size of one cell. This guitar was made by scientists from Cornell University in New York City. The guitar also has strings and can produce sound, but the human ear cannot hear it.

The most expensive guitar, the Stratocaster, was sold at auction for $2.8 million. It was made by the music corporation of instruments Fender, which is also the most famous manufacturer of electric guitars.

Gibson which is also a well-known guitar manufacturer created the most luxurious and valuable guitar in 2015. Namely, the company has made a guitar with encrusted 400 diamonds, along with 1.6 kilograms of gold.

In the end, the Irish guitarist Dave Browne set a world record, when he played the guitar non-stop for 144 hours and 20 minutes, beating the previous record of 113 hours. He played from June 12 to 17, 2011. Dave played a total of 1,372 songs, and the last one was “With or Without You” by the famous band U2.

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