Fender Releases Hybrid Jazz – Tele Model

Fender Releases Hybrid Jazz – Tele Model

Fender Releases Hybrid Jazz – Tele Model

The newest entry in Fender’s 2018 Parallel Universe series hit the streets this week in the form of the hybrid Jazz-Tele. This limited edition model features Jazzmaster-style single-coil pickups and hardware on a Telecaster body.

The Fender Jazz-Tele design was originally showcased at the Winter NAMM show back in January, along with seven other Parallel Universe models—including the much-discussed Meteora.

While the Tele-Jazzmaster hybrid concept has been commonplace with boutique builders and parts caster hobbyists for years, these models—along with the earlier American Standard Offset—mark the first time Fender has introduced such composites into its main product line.

The Jazz-Tele sports American Vintage ’65 single-coil Jazzmaster pickups, a classic floating tremolo system, and either a Surf Green or two-tone sunburst finish. It is currently available for order from authorized Fender dealers.

Source: https://reverb.com/news/fender-releases-hybrid-jazz-tele-model

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