BilT Relevator Guitar Models

BilT Relevator Guitar Models

BilT Guitars

BilT Guitars is owned and operated by Bill Henss and Tim Thelen in Des Moines, Iowa. BilT is small company with a few models of guitars. As they said, the people are interested in their philosophy about making guitars.

The Revelator models are amazing guitars, which are made to be immediately ready for rocking. They are in excellent condition and would withstand totally madness (if you’re that kind of guitar player).

The interesting fact about this small company is that their employees (which the number is very small) are concentrated in the creating and making the guitars and at the same time they work as sellers of guitars.

The whole concept of this company is to be close to their customers, because in this way they will actually find what exactly the buyers need and what they want. As they team say, “The best marketing is the word mouth.”

The technology of building these guitars includes tools and some machines powered by induction motors. Also they are created with hand-techniques from 1949. BilT team does not want to say that their parts for all guitars have arrived via long slow boat from China or something like that. They have to make everything by hand.

The company appreciate the beauty of trees and woods. Every BilT guitar is hand crafted one at a time. The team enjoy the whole process and they feel that the process makes the product. So, they made classical and elegant music instrument including beautiful trees on the boards of the guitars.

Click on some of the pictures below to see the whole gallery of these beautiful guitars. 😉

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