Making list of best classic hits of all time

Making list of best classic hits of all time


As we wrote two days ago, we are going to make an amazing list of best classic hits of all time. All you need to do is to write your favorite songs of all time with their artist name.

On the first list of best five classic hits of all time, were Dire Straits with their timeless hit “Sultans of Swing”. Also on that list were Queen, The Beatles, The Eagles and John Lennon.

Our idea for this list is to collect as is possible more songs from many fans and music lovers. Let’s make one incredible list of more than 100 songs. But to make this happen, we need help from all our fans. So, please share this post and let’s collect more songs.

Below you can write your email and write your favorite songs. Enjoy and fell free to share with us your timeless songs from your childhood or maybe songs that you will remembered forever. Let’s see your music style.

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