5 Knopfler’s Electric Guitars – Part Four

5 Knopfler’s Electric Guitars – Part Four

Mark Knopfler - Electric Guitars Part Four.

Last month we shared three posts about most used electric guitars by Mark Knopfler at his tours, gigs and shows with and without Dire Straits. Down below is another five guitars which defined his career. Knopfler enjoys to play on them and many songs were created on some of guitars which is down below.

Click on the bold words to read any part of this collection about electric guitars: PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE

1. 1990s Pensa MK2 Custom

Mark used this guitar sometime in 1996 to the recording of “Golden Heart” album. It was sort of a blue print and prototype model for the MK-2 signature line, but another different guitar followed after this one in late 90s, and was a more finished version of the final product.

1990s Pensa MK2 Custom

The guitar is made by Rudy Pensa (Mark Knopfler buy every single guitar from him). However, Mark was also involved in designing this guitar and he used during the Golden Heart tour in 1996 on Father and Son and Golden Heart. Also, this guitar was used in Mark’s tour in 2001 – Sailing to Philadelphia and he still use this guitar in his live performances.

2. 1954 Fender Stratocaster

This is supposedly the 59th Stratocaster ever made, which Mark Knopfler got sometime in the middle of 90s from his friend Paul Kennerley – the English singer, songwriter and producer. It was used on “I’m The Fool” from the 1996 album “Golden Heart”, “The Fish and the Bird” from the “Kill To Get Crimson” album, and “I Used to Could” from “Privateering”. Mark usually keeps heavier strings on it – probably D’Addario .012s, and he most often uses an actual pick when he plays this particular guitar.

3. 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Mark purchased this guitar sometime in the middle 90s, and this is the first vintage Les Paul that Knopfler ever bought. It was quickly replaced in his 80s and was used on “Brothers in Arms” album.

1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard

This guitar is mostly considered to the golden era of Gibson, especially for its appearance which is so special. This model very often considered the most desirable Les Paul model, which Mark Knopfler uses extensively live ever more so than his other 1959 Les Paul. He used this guitar also and on the tour for his solo album “Golden Heart” released in 1996.

4. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

This is the second Knopfler’s vintage Les Paul and he uses his ’58 Les Paul more often than this one. It’s not clear when exactly he bought this guitar, but probably it was around in the same period when he bought his other Les Paul – so middle in the late 90s. The guitar features a less faded finish when compared to his 58 Les Paul, so the two can easily be distinguished if you know where to look.

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Basically, all of the late 50s Les Paul’s originally featured similar cherry red sunburst finish, but due to the use of ultra-violet sensitive dye on some of them, lots of those guitars lost their original red accents mostly due to exposure to the sun.

5. 1954 Fender Telecaster

Mark Knopfler with his 1954 Fender Telecaster.

Probably one of the most favorites guitars of Mark – he started using it in the early 90s with his amazing band “The Notting Hillbillies”, and his still plays it occasionally I nowadays. Mark’s Telecaster features one-piece maple neck, ash body with Butterscotch Blonde finish, and two original Fender single-coil pickups.

1954 Fender Telecaster


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