Mauro Marchetti has Made a Portrait of Mark Knopfler (Gallery)

Mauro Marchetti has Made a Portrait of Mark Knopfler (Gallery)

Mauro Marchetti has Made a Portrait of Mark Knopfler (Gallery)Mauro Marchetti has Made a Portrait of Mark Knopfler (Gallery)

After he made cover versions of “Going Home,” “Sultans of Swing,” and his Rock N’ Blues solo, he decided to try his hand at drawing.

Namely, Mauro Marchetti has made a modest drawing of Mark Knopfler these days. By his words, he used only a pen and nothing else. For Dire Straits Blog, Mauro shared some interesting facts.

“Simply, I used a pen to draw Mark Knopfler from the Alchemy cover as you can see on the last portrait. Then I took some pictures and with my finger I colored them using the phone’s color set.”

As you already know, Mauro is a big fan of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits. In his collection of music discographies, you will find the whole discography of them.

“I have all his discography and or me he has been the great inspiration since I started playing the guitar. In addition to being a great guitarist, with a beautiful touch and feeling, he is also a wonderful songwriter,” he added.

In this quarantine period Mauro just started to draw again. The idea to combine art and music it was result for this amazing gallery of pictures.

“On May 30th, 2020, I decided to portray Mark Knopfler from the album Alchemy Live. I hope you like it. On my Instagram profile, you can find all my music videos and several drawings by other great musicians. Thanks for the support,” he finished.

If you haven’t already seen his cover versions – click here and enjoy in the music that he has made it!

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