From Pakistan to All Around the World: Waheed Nasir’s Paintings of Mark Knopfler (Gallery)

From Pakistan to All Around the World: Waheed Nasir’s Paintings of Mark Knopfler (Gallery)

from-pakistan-to-all-around-the-world-waheed-nasirs-paintings-of-mark-knopfler-galleryDiscover the artistry of Waheed Nasir as he pays homage to Mark Knopfler through his captivating paintings.

In today’s post, we are thrilled to unveil three remarkable paintings crafted by the talented Waheed Nasir. Specifically, Nasir has immortalized the legendary Mark Knopfler in his artistry.

Nasir’s admiration for Knopfler, both as a guitarist and singer, permeates through his brushstrokes, depicting Knopfler’s finesse in guitar playing. According to Nasir, these paintings serve as his humble homage to the iconic musician.

We hope that these artworks will have garnered widespread acclaim globally, reflecting Nasir’s skill and resonance. Nasir fervently desires for Knopfler to witness these masterpieces, fostering a sense of community support for his aspiration.

Mark Knopfler by Waheed Nasir.

Interestingly, while Knopfler boasts fans worldwide, Nasir hails from Karachi, Pakistan.  Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, boasts a population exceeding 20 million, ranking as Pakistan’s largest city and the world’s 12th largest. It is vibrant energy and rich cultural tapestry make it a dynamic metropolis worth exploring. This shows us, the transcendent power of music and art across geographical boundaries.

With a background steeped in fine artistry, Nasir’s multifaceted talents span across various roles, including art direction, conceptualization, digital painting, and musical prowess on the guitar. To explore more of Nasir’s captivating portfolio, feel free to visit his website.

You can also visit Waheed Nasir’s official website by clicking HERE.

Second painting of Mark Knopfler by Waheed Nasir.

Moreover, for a deeper dive into Nasir’s creative endeavors, you can connect with him on Facebook, where his projects and insights are readily accessible through his fan page, aptly titled ‘The Art of Waheed Nasir.’

In essence, Nasir’s tribute to Mark Knopfler encapsulates the fusion of art, music, and admiration, transcending boundaries and inspiring creativity across the globe. Let us unite in supporting Nasir’s heartfelt wish, as we celebrate the magic of artistic expression.

Third painting of Mark Knopfler by Waheed Nasir.

Click here and take a look at the “Colored Portrait of Mark Knopfler by Sonia Figueiredo”!

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