Acoustic Cover Version of “Private Investigations” Performed by Pedro Amorim

Acoustic Cover Version of “Private Investigations” Performed by Pedro Amorim

Pedro-Amorim-Private-Investigations-Dire-Straits-Blog-Video-2-DSB-Acoustic-Cover-VersionPedro Amorim

Pedro Amorim is back again with another beautiful video. Namely, last time he has performed the song “Run Me Down” by The Notting Hillbillies. If you want, you can click here to see that video.

Today, he shared with us another amazing video. It is actually his newest acoustic cover version of the song “Private Investigations” by Dire Straits.

Pedro is a 49-years old amateur guitarist from Porto, Portugal. His style of playing and the way of how he learned the songs is by listening to them a couple of times.

Besides, this time he wanted to share interesting stories with all our readers. So, he told us interesting stories about his guitar, albums, songs, and a little bit about his daughter. Pedro also has shared two pictures of his amp Yamaha and the guitars. Here is what he said:

“My Guitar is a Hagstrom and the sound comes from a small home valve amp Yamaha. My favorite studio albums are Communique and Love Over Gold. From the songs, that’s “Telegraph Road.” I never tried to play it because of the album version its perfection in all aspects.” I’m just a flee trying to reach Mark Knopfler knees, but playing DS songs it’s something that I used to do to my daughter, instead of reading a book to her in her bed. Now, she’s a big fan, and loves “Shangri-La” songs.”

Small home valve AMP Yamaha.

“Shangri-La was the “entrance” album for her at 6-years old, and now she hears all of them. Dire Straits songs are for all ages and times, not a “fashion” mood. She loved to hear “Private Investigations,” it will always remember those times. She’s 16 now,” he finished.

Pedro’s Hagstrom guitars.

The video below is Pedro’s acoustic cover version for “Private Investigations.” Enjoy it and give us a comment on what do you think about it!

Pedro Amorim – Private Investigations (Acoustic Cover)

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