Gallery: Dire Straits Book from 1986

Gallery: Dire Straits Book from 1986

Dire Straits Book

Dire Straits is definitely one of the best music bands in rock and roll history. With the leader Mark Knopfler, guitarist and songwriter they made remarkable history. Their best album ‘Brothers in Arms’ were number one in the United States within the sale for several months. They made amazing success!

We found couple of interesting pictures from one fan of Dire Straits. Namely, Ahmed Said Kadiri is from Tangier, Morocco and he shared couple of interesting pictures from his Dire Straits book on Facebook.

In his post he wrote: “In the late 1980s, my cousin gave to me this book which is something like biography that still accompanies me in my radio office where he worked. From time to time, I schedule some song from Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits and every time it comes with some memories from the years when I spent hours and hours, trying to learn the lyrics of the songs that this book offered me and then they were part of the soundtrack of my life,” he finished.

The book is under the name Dire Straits and is printed in 1986 in Madrid, Spain. This book is amazing lyric collage of all Dire Straits songs which they are also translated on Spanish.

Big thanks to Ahmed for sharing these photos. Check the gallery below!

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