The Wieners preform “Why Worry” in their own style

The Wieners preform “Why Worry” in their own style

The Wieners

The Wieners are one of the best bands in the Netherlands. Their performance is mainly playing retro songs from the time of Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Everly Brothers, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, Roy Orbison and many more.

They were established in 2005 and in December 2016 they won the Dutch Country Music Award for best duo / trio. The Wieners bring the biggest hits and some surprising B-sides of all Rock N’ Roll heroes. They have a specific and authentic way of playing music.

Since 2005, they’ve played at numerous festivals in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark and France. They were on national TV and radio stations, and they performed with world famous violinist Emmy Verhey.

Played some old retro hits.

Their successful tribute show “The Wieners Play The Everly Brothers” can also be seen in England and in several Dutch theatres in 2017 and 2018.

The Wieners at one of their shows in Angeren around Netherlands on 5 April 2017, performed one Dire Straits song. Written by Mark Knopfler, “Why Worry” is a bittersweet ballad and one of the best songs from Dire Straits. Down below is a link from The Wieners, check out how they performed “Why Worry” in their way of playing. Enjoy.

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