Jack Ladder with Two Cover Versions of Dire Straits & Kris Kristofferson

Jack Ladder with Two Cover Versions of Dire Straits & Kris Kristofferson

Jack Ladder

Jack Ladder is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and composer from Sydney Australia. Born in 1983, he loves music and everything that has to do with music. His music is characterized by his amazing voice. Since 2005 Ladder has released four albums:

2005 – Not Worth Waiting For
2008 – Love is Gone
2011 – Hurtsville
2014 – Playmates

Love is Gone was short-listed for the Australian Music Prize, at which it also won the Red Bull Music Award. It was also selected as Album of the Year by Who magazine. Ladder has played in many theaters and music festivals where he promoted his albums. He has also preformed internationally making appearances in London, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles.

Today we have two cover versions from Jack Ladder, the first one is from Dire Straits written by Mark Knopfler  “So Far Away” from “Brothers In Arms” album – which Ladder made with his voice, an amazing and smooth piece of music. “So Far Away” in his style has more emotional rhythm and makes you forget everything around you. On the other hand, you may even think that Ladder made a country song. Anyway, Jack Ladder made an amazing cover version of “So Far Away” and all Dire Straits fans would like it.

The second cover song from Jack Ladder is from the song by Kris Kristofferson – “Help Me Make It Through the Night” which is a more known song by Elvis Presley. “Help Me Make It Through the Night” is a song from 1970’s album from Kris, but Elvis in 1972 covered it. The version from Ladder is very good, because he does amazing work with his voice. When you hear it you will have a feeling that you are listening to Elvis Presley. Anyway, we hope that you enjoy these amazing two covers by Jack Ladder.

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