‘Why Worry’ & ‘Tears in Heaven’ by Halgeir Våge (Cover Videos)

‘Why Worry’ & ‘Tears in Heaven’ by Halgeir Våge (Cover Videos)

Halgeir Våge from Norway while he played 'Why Worry'.

Today we want to share two cover videos by Halgeir Våge – musician and guitarist from Norway.

Namely, Halgeir is 38-years-old service Engineer who works at the offshore and maritime industries in Norway. He lives just outside Bergen in Norway.

He has made amazing video cover from the song ‘Why Worry’ by Dire Straits and as he wrote below the video in the description, that was a small tribute to Mark Knopfler on his birthday in 2017.

“Since Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits have inspired me so much, I recorded the video and posted it on his birthday. The arrangement was done by a Danish gentleman named Søren Bødker Madsen”, he told us.

“My adventures of learning the guitar started 6 year ago. I love this instrument and I trying to learn new things each week, every day. I try to challenge myself, to learn new songs and new techniques as much as I can. Dire Straits, Eric Clapton and many more are my mainly inspiration to want to learn”, he added.

Below is the video where Halgeir played the same song on a Yamaha SLG guitar in a hotel room in Japan.

Besides his video covers for ‘Why Worry’ by Dire Straits, Halgeir has made other video covers where he played songs by Metallica – ‘Nothing Else Mather’ and Eric Clapton – ‘Tears in Heaven’.

“Eric Clapton’s musical career has inspired many people. My first real experience with his music was in 1992. I was 11-year-old boy and my brother was played an album with the picture of a bearded man with glasses and blue suit on the cover. I listened intently to the music. Since then, my favorite Clapton album has been his MTV Unplugged album. He has recorded 23 solo albums, 22 albums with different bands, 14 live albums and the list goes on. His work is quite awesome and his playing style earned him the nickname Slowhand. His autobiography tells his story in quite the detail, painfully so at times. I’m and will always be fond of his music and playing style”, he added.

“Here is my tribute to Eric Clapton. I hope that you will enjoy it and like it. ‘Tears in Heaven’ arranged for fingerstyle guitar by Will Jennings. Clapton played this on nylon strings during the Unplugged concert, and so I choose to play this on my nylon stringed Alhambra”, he finished.

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