“Walk of Life” – Dire Straits Cover by Marcello Porro

“Walk of Life” – Dire Straits Cover by Marcello Porro

“Walk of Life” – Dire Straits Cover by Marcello Porro“Walk of Life” – Dire Straits Cover by Marcello Porro

Marcello Porro is a 36-years-old musician, composer, producer, and songwriter from Agrigento, Sicily, or to be more specific Southern Italy. Today we would like to share with all our fans his newest cover video for the song “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits.

We’ve been in contact with him, and for the first time for our blog he shares some interesting news and information from his life alongside his cover video.

“With pleasure, I will share something more about my life story for your blog. First of all, I guess that I’m a professional musician. I’m making music for life. That is my occupation. I am a songwriter, composer, and producer from Italy.”

Marcello has been playing music for his whole life and he has learned a lot from his idols and music influences. “During my life and experience, I have learned a lot from my favorite Mark Knopfler, much later from Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams, Elvis Presley, and Chris Isaak,” he said.

He never went to a formal musical school. All that musical experience he has learned during the years is grateful to his willingness. He added: “I never went to a musical school. I always worked with music and for music. I learned to sing and play on acoustic, electric and bass guitar, and keyboards all by myself.”

We also asked him how he handles mistakes during a performance, and Marcello gave us a pretty good answer to that question. “I try to breathe and relax before every live performance to avoid mistakes and the ‘performance anxiety’. When I make a mistake I just say ‘I am sorry with a little smile.’”

Marcello has shared his newest cover video on October 14, 2020, for the song “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits. Besides that, on his official YouTube channel, you can find four original songs by Marcello made in full in a music style of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler.

Marcello has made many covers by Dire Straits, but for now is only one uploaded on his YouTube channel.

“I hope that I will cover some more videos in future time. I guess that would be the song that stole my heart and of course my favorite by Dire Straits, ‘You and Your Friend.’ But also there are songs like ‘Tunnel of Love,’ ‘Sultans of Swing,’ ‘Down to the Waterline,’ Lady Writer,’ ‘News,’ ‘Money for Nothing,’ and etc.”

And for the end, he shared with us his motto in life. “My motto…if you put all yourself in things to reach for your goal maybe you are gonna make it. Never surrender. If you have got oxygen in your lungs, you can win!”

“For the Dire Straits fans I would say this: Guys, we have had the fortune to listen to a unique kind of music, keep enjoying music, and thanks to people who believe in art like the ones who administrate this blog. Thanks again, and let me know if you like my four songs,” he finished.

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