Sunday Movie – “Yesterday” (2019)

Sunday Movie – “Yesterday” (2019)

Sunday Movie – “Yesterday” (2019)Sunday Movie – “Yesterday” (2019)

Another weekend, our DSB team is here to present you with one more incredible interesting, and fun film. Today we will present to you the film “Yesterday” from 2019.

Yesterday” is a 2019 romantic comedy film directed by Danny Boyle and screenplay by Richard Curtis. We could say easily that after this movie Danny Boyle could comfortably become a legend!

But, let’s talk about the story and plot of the film. Jack Malik is a Hindu guy with a guitar, who works as a storekeeper. In his spare time, he performs in half-empty bars and picnic tents. He has a constant team of friends, and he is constantly accompanied by the nice Ellie, in the role of a self-proclaimed “manager.” There are “emotional sparks” between the two of them, but neither of them dares to make clear to the other.

Just when Jack decides to break with the music once and for all, the electricity goes out for 12-seconds all over the world. As a result of which he is the victim of a collision with a bus. He wakes up in the hospital, embarrassed, without two front teeth and in a world that has never heard of “The Beatles,” “Coca-Cola,” cigarettes and etc.

When he comes out of the hospital and performs “Yesterday” to his friends, everyone is mesmerized. It is an introduction to Jack’s brilliant career, and it gives him a special impetus when Ed Sheeran hears about him.

It is now certain that hungry managers of the music industry will “catch” him and drag him into their world. The songs of “The Beatles” begin to follow one after another. Performed, and remembered by Jack Malik, the whole world goes crazy. Of course, no one had heard of the original band that created those songs. Jack just welcomed his “five minutes of fame.”

Of course, we will not reveal further details of this very intelligently, wittily, and romantically designed “rock and roll fairy tale.”

This film has crept under your skin and your eyes are slowly filling with tears. The filmmakers paid $10 million for the rights to use the Beatles’ music, although none of the band members were involved. The film grossed $152 million worldwide against a production budget of $26 million.

“Yesterday” – Trailer #1 (2019)

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