“Tunnel of Love” – Full 12-Minutes Video Cover by HERES

“Tunnel of Love” – Full 12-Minutes Video Cover by HERES

tunnel-of-love-dire-straits-blog-news-fan-club-fans-heres-video-cover-news-top“Tunnel of Love” – Full 12-Minutes Video Cover by HERES

The French guitarist and singer, most known under his stage name called HERES is back with us. This time he prepared a good refreshment for us and our readers. Heres performed another song from Dire Straits. It is the song “Tunnel of Love”, a full 12-minute cover video.

At our website blog, this is his third blog post article. If you’re interested in reading and listening to his covers for the songs Brothers in Armsand You and Your Friend – click here.

For this cover version, he said: “Tunnel of Love” was probably one of the most complicated covers to make. The song itself is very tiring to perform as you constantly have to sing while playing the guitar. There’s no pause, no time to rest, no wonder Mark Knopfler decided to stop playing it after 1992. It is the most demanding song from Dire Straits!”

“Then there’s the solo that goes crescendo, it took me some time to make the backing track as I wanted to make an epic solo and not just a replica of the album version. It is a mix between Alchemy, Wembley 85, and my own stuff. Probably the longest version ever!”

“As I said in the description of the video, I didn’t know I loved that song so much until I decided to cover it properly! It is full of nice moments created by Mark Knopfler,” he finished.

This cover version is separated into three parts: Intro, break, and guitar solo. For this video cover, Heres has used an electric guitar Fender Stratocaster Deluxe – 2010 USA.

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