“Brothers in Arms” – Full Video Cover by HERES

“Brothers in Arms” – Full Video Cover by HERES

“Brothers in Arms” – Full Video Cover by HERES“Brothers in Arms” – Full Video Cover by HERES

In July 2020, we published the first blog-post about Heres, the French musician, and guitarist from Paris, France. Today, we would like to share with you another video cover by Heres. This time that would be his cover video for the song “Brothers in Arms”.

The video with a length of almost 7-minutes it was recorded in his home studio in Paris, three years ago in 2018. Until now the video is quite popular on YouTube and so far has 30,000 views and just over 200 positive comments.

DSB: How do you found the inspiration for making and recording “Brothers in Arms” video cover?

“Brothers in Arms has always been one of my favorite Dire Straits songs. There’s so much emotion when you sing and play that song. It’s powerful and so quiet at the same time, the guitar sound and the vocal blend so well together. A true masterpiece from Mark Knopfler,” Heres said.

DSB: How was the feeling during the recording session and what means Dire Straits for you?

“The emotion when you play this song is very strong. I mean not only the song is beautiful but the subject is very sensitive and serious. Dire Straits, along with Pink Floyd and Santana, is the band that I’ve been covering since I was teenager. Mark Knopfler style of playing the guitar and singing is so unique and the guy is a very talented songwriter. I can say that Dire Straits influenced my life as a musician,” he added.

DSB: What do you expect from the video cover?

“I started making covers more as a way to promote my own music. But now it’s more like an “online stage” where I perform my favorite songs. I’m very happy with my video of “Brothers in Arms,” I believe I achieved what I wanted to do, it’s a mix between the studio version and the live version.”

DSB: What kind of experience can you suggest to the young amateur musicians?

“Practice, practice, and practice! And more importantly do what you love and what people want to hear.”

DSB: The video has 30,000 views on YouTube. Which comment touched your heart and what did you learn from this video cover?

“People are generally very nice in the comment section and I really like it when they appreciate and highlight all the work behind my covers. Those covers require a lot of effort and discipline and it’s always nice to see people enjoying it.”

DSB: Are you planning to record more video covers from the song by Mark Knopfler or Dire Straits?

“For sure, I recently posted ‘Sultans of Swing (Alchemy version)’, earlier ‘Calling Elvis (Live Version)’, and ‘Telegraph Road (Epic song)’. I also covered “Iron Hand,” “Get Lucky,” and there’s a video where I casually play the famous “Money for Nothing” guitar riff! For the future, I’m currently working on “Tunnel of Love”.

If you want to read more about HERES and listen to his cover video for the song “You and Your Friend” – click here!

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