The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 3

The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 3

The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 2On Every Street

Today we continue our interesting article on DSB about the stories and comments by our fans on Facebook. On every post that we share on our fan page on FB, our fans share some stories and give comments to us.

As a respect for them, today we would like to share a few comments with all our readers. This is the third article in the series. If you want to read other parts of this article, click here. Maybe your name is in one of these texts. Enjoy and don’t forget to visit our Instagram and Facebook pages and comment on our posts.

Ronan Courell for the song “Ride Across the River” has commented: “Great tune. The sound quality is super. Neil Dorfsman the best of the best engineer.”

Gary Wood for the Brothers in Arms album has commented: “The first CD I bought. That’s because in 1987 it was one of only a handful of albums released on CD.”

Trish Turnbull has commented: “I love Dire Strait’s music and Mark Knopfler as well. I never get tired of listening.”

There was also one comment about the album Communiqué. Tommy Thorbjörnsson from Sweden has commented: “One of the best albums ever. I remember spending the summer in Brighton as a Swedish student when the album was released. There were posters about it all over the town. Great memory.”

“This is my alarm tune in the morning. Best way to wake up,” comment by John Leaky Roberts for the song “Why Worry”.

Karina V. Lucha gave a comment alluding to Mark Knopfler. She commented: “A genius! So many memories with his music.”

Also, Bhekani Memela gave her an interesting comment regarding the song “Your Latest Trick”. She wrote: “There’s something special about this song. I don’t know whether it’s the saxophone or the what. But I can’t play it without repeat.

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