The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 5

The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 5

The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 2On Every Street

For our dear and loyal fans, after three months we are back on to our blog series of ‘Stories & Comments from the fans of Dire Straits’.

Today, we would like to share some of the comments and stories from our fans. Most of the comments that you’re going to read it now below are from our fans from Facebook.

There are such good stories, memories, and emotions that will bring you back to the old and good times when Dire Straits were at the top. So, let’s start!

Pedro Amorim for the song “Sultans of Swing” has commented: “Mark Knopfler really sings with the guitar and tells us stories with the voice.”

An emotional comment gave John Eagle Bouman for the song “Where Do You Think You’re Going”. He has commented: “Brilliant song. My mother left our family in 1979 when I was 11. This is the song that I played along with my guitar most of the time then.”

Also, the emotional comment gave Lenny Lipstand who reminded himself of his brother-in-law who died of cancer. For the song “Why Worry” he has commented: “When I hear this song I think on my brother Garry who loved Dire Straits. We listened to this song a lot.”

“’Money for Nothing’ and ‘Brothers in Arms’ are my favorite songs. I definitely listen to them a few times in a week,” Brenda Berendsen has commented.

John Elliott has shared his story. His comment can touch thousands of hearts. Here is the full comment of him:

“A couple of weeks ago I was found to have a malignant brain tumor for which I am having surgery on Wednesday in Hull. Mark’s wonderful music has always taken me on his life journeys and now I’m taking him on mine throughout the 5-hour operation where I will be awake…listening to and reliving the concert in Leeds last year…Alchemy etc. Thank you, Mark and I’ll be ‘playing along’ “Going Home” at the end. You do make good music, good records, and I’m forever grateful.”


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