“Sultans of Swing” – Full Video Cover Performed by The HSCC

“Sultans of Swing” – Full Video Cover Performed by The HSCC

"Sultans of Swing" - Full Video Cover Performed by The HSCC"Sultans of Swing" - Full Video Cover Performed by The HSCC

Prepare to be captivated by The Hindley Street Country Club’s stunning rendition of “Sultans of Swing“. Dire Straits originally performed this song. In this full-cover video, Constantine Delo and James Muller showcase their musical prowess alongside their talented bandmates.

With over 5 million views and rave reviews from fans, this rendition stands out as one of the cleanest versions of the iconic song to date.

The HSSC’s rendition of “Sultans of Swing” has taken the internet by storm. Released on February 3, 2022, this mesmerizing 5-minute video cover has garnered widespread acclaim. That was a result of the song’s flawless execution and musical precision.

They filmed the video live at The Parks Theatre in Angle Park, South Australia. The band delivers a flawless performance that showcases their collective talent.

The HSSC masterfully handled the video production of this remarkable cover. Recorded by Jordan Lennon, the audio quality is exceptional. While the filming and editing, expertly done by Dan Donato, capture the energy and essence of the band’s performance.

The lead guitarist, James Muller, effortlessly delivers the iconic guitar solos, accompanied by the skillful drumming of Brad Polain. Dusty Lee Stephensen’s guitar work adds depth and texture, while Constantine Delo shines as the bass guitarist and vocalist. He delivered a powerful performance.

If you’re left wanting more after experiencing The HSSC’s rendition of “Sultans of Swing,” be sure to visit their official website. There, you can explore their other musical offerings and find information about upcoming concerts.

Who are The Hindley Street Country Club?

Founded in 2017 by Constantine Delo, The Hindley Street Country Club started as a group of Adelaide musicians. They have recorded and re-arranged covers and uploaded them to Facebook and YouTube weekly.

Fast forward to today, The HSCC has amassed over 442 million YouTube views. Also, they have more than 816,000 subscribers globally and accumulated over a billion views across social media platforms.

Don’t miss the chance to witness their remarkable talent live. Click the play button below and witness the magic of The HSSC’s captivating cover of “Sultans of Swing.”

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