Marlon Roxas Made a Guitar Out of 10,000 Leaves (Video)

Marlon Roxas Made a Guitar Out of 10,000 Leaves (Video)

Marlon Roxas Made a Guitar Out of 10,000 Leaves (Video)Marlon Roxas Made a Guitar Out of 10,000 Leaves (Video)

The world of guitar craftsmanship pushes creativity, leading to unconventional instruments. Burls Art, a famous YouTuber, uses unorthodox materials.

Now, Marlon Roxas, a luthier from the Philippines, challenges Burls with a fully-functioning electric guitar made of 10,000 leaves. In a mesmerizing video, Roxas showcases his skill and passion, providing a unique musical experience.

A Symphony of Leaves

While summer evokes sunny shores and sandy beaches, Roxas presents an autumnal masterpiece. He crafts a guitar with leaves, introducing organic beauty in instrument making. The video, devoid of narration and featuring a hypnotic instrumental soundtrack, immerses viewers in the enchanting leaf-to-instrument transformation.

The video guides us through Roxas’ meticulous process. Starting with a guitar body outline, he layers leaves, secures them with epoxy resin, and applies pressure to flatten them.

Roxas repeats these steps, using a heating blanket to further flatten the leaves. With precision, he shapes the body, sands the edges, and works on the headstock and fretboard.

After weeks of craftsmanship, Roxas installs a single humbucker pickup at the neck and handcrafts volume and tone knobs from found wood. The leaf guitar produces warm, inviting tones when played through a Flatsons FGA-3 3W mini amp. Its sound matches the instrument’s enchanting appearance, highlighting Roxas’ artistry.

Marlon Roxas emerges as a formidable challenger in unconventional guitar making. The leaf guitar project showcases his passion, skill, and innovation.

The video, an immersive visual and auditory experience, draws viewers into the world of guitar craftsmanship. Roxas’ creation pushes the boundaries of musical instruments and celebrates beauty in unlikely materials.

For more awe-inspiring creations by Marlon Roxas, explore his YouTube channel. Immerse yourself in the symphony of leaves and discover a redefined world of luthiery through his exceptional talent and creativity.

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