Solo of The Day: “Tunnel of Love” (Final Solo) by Josip Susic

Solo of The Day: “Tunnel of Love” (Final Solo) by Josip Susic

tunnel-of-love-dire-straits-guitar-solo-by-josip-susic-croatia-fan-club-fans-read-moreSolo of The Day: “Tunnel of Love” (Final Solo) by Josip Susic

After his phenomenal video cover for the song “Going Home” by Dire Straits, we want to share another video in performance by Josip Susic. Namely, the Croatian guitarist in January 2021 has made a video where he played the final solo from the song “Tunnel of Love”. This is a quick electric guitar cover of one of the most iconic guitar solos of all time from the album ‘Making Movies’ from 1980.

Josip shared very interesting news with us. We get to know that he is working on his original song material, which will be mostly very similar to the style and playing of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits. Exclusive for Dire Straits Blog and all our readers, Josip said:

“Thank you very much for featuring my video on your blog. It’s nice to see it up there in good company. I will surely notify you about my future videos where I play Mark Knopfler songs. I am working on some new original material which is very much in the style of Mark Knopfler, Tommy Emmanuel & CO. Also, my new website is in the works, and once that’s ready I’ll be happy to link to your website as well.”

“Once again, your support is much appreciated. All the best from Croatia,” he finished.

Listen to his new guitar solo down below. And if you missed reading and listen to Josip’s cover video for the song “Going Home” – click here!

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