“Going Home” – Acoustic Video Cover by Josip Susic

“Going Home” – Acoustic Video Cover by Josip Susic

“Going Home” – Acoustic Video Cover by Josip Susic“Going Home” – Acoustic Video Cover by Josip Susic

“Samo Moment” – “Just a moment” is a musical project from Croatia lead by Josip Susic. Until now, Josip has published one studio album, and all the songs were composed from 2009-2014 and recorded during 2014 and 2015. You can hear his songs down below on this post.

“I’m a 33-year-old guitar player and songwriter from Croatia and a lifelong Mark Knopfler fan. I started playing because of Mark and whenever I get time I record a YouTube video of some of his songs.”

“Each time I try to upgrade the quality of video and audio. The latest video is my acoustic arrangement for the ‘Going Home,’ and everything is played fingerstyle and live,” he said.

Because Josip is a true and loyal fan of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits, he has released and recorded several cover versions of their songs. With all our fans, today we would like to share Josip’s latest cover version.

The legendary theme from the Local Hero movie, “Going Home” rearranged by Josip, he played on a beautiful acoustic Yamaha AC3M guitar. Down below is the video. Take a look and comment if you like it!

First studio album by Josip Susic

Please click here to download or listen to the album!

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