Solo of the day – ‘So Far Away’ by Dunja Zgonc

Solo of the day – ‘So Far Away’ by Dunja Zgonc

Dunja Zgonc

For all our fans, today we have interesting video from one our Instagram follower. Namely, Dunja Zgonc is 13-year-old girl from Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

Dunja is huge fan of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. On her Instagram profile she has many pictures and videos where she played some songs on her guitar. She is not a professional musician, but music and guitar are her passions.

In this video which you will have a chance to watch it below, she played ‘So Far Away’ by Dire Straits. Also, she told us something more about herself below.

“When I was 11 me and my father were in the car and we were listening to so old music. It was a rock radio. Then my father turns to me and says: “This is a good song”, and turns up the volume as much as it can. I listen to this song and I feel the connection between the guitar and singer. I asked my father: “Dad, what is the name of this song?”, and he said: “Brothers in Arms”, Dunja said.

“I don’t know but at that moment I knew Dire Straits is going to be my favorite band…and it really is. Not long after that I started with listening other Dire Straits songs and I fell in love with Mark Knopfler and his style of playing guitar. I really want to be like Mark Knopfler one day”, she added.

“So, I told to my parents that I wanted a guitar. They bought me a classical guitar. About 8 or 9 months after that, I wanted to have an electric guitar. So my father got me an American Standard Telecaster by Fender Guitars. The first day I didn’t put it out of my hands and I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody would tell me to fell asleep with it.”

“You may believe or not, but the first song I could play on it was ‘Sultans of Swing’ because I didn’t want to play pop or any other genres, I wanted to play Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits. I always dreamed about going to one of his concerts, but, he just didn’t have them. So, I waited for two years to go to his concert and now finally I will go on 29th of June this year”, Dunja added.

Dunja Zgonc

“Last year in October I was on a concert of Dire Straits Experience in Zagreb, Croatia. It was a pleasure to see Chris White and other Dire Straits original members. Now my life is, guitars, guitars and more guitars. They are just such so special to me”, she finished.

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