New Cover Video by Giulio Cattarini – “Where Do You Think You’re Going?”

New Cover Video by Giulio Cattarini – “Where Do You Think You’re Going?”


Our true and loyal fan from Italy Giulio Cattarini is back again with a new cover video.

In his new video you would have a chance to listen to his performance while he played one song by Dire Straits called “Where Do You Think You’re Going?”.

Giulio told us that this video cover is his first of 2019 of this beautiful song. It may be one of the best Dire Straits songs of their early era. As he told us, he used a new gear for this video cover.

He used: a Vox Pathfinder 15r Amplifier (that he really loves) + zoom multieffect MS70CDR to simulate a carbon copy delay pedal which is supposed to have been used in the original recording and a yellow comp optical compressor.

As he always uses here is his American Red Fender Stratocaster. The video was filmed with his Sony Nex-3 mirrorless camera with a Canon FD lens and recorded almost entirely through an iPad mini using Garage Band. The Chroma key was used during the editing of the video.

“Hope that you will like my new cover video for this song. It is really good version, chill and relaxing at the same time. If you like it, please share it. Thank you Dire Straits blog”, he finished.

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