Intro of the day – ‘Money for Nothing’ by Giulio Cattarini

Intro of the day – ‘Money for Nothing’ by Giulio Cattarini

Giulio Cattarini - Intro video 'Money for Nothing'

Today in this blog post we want to share with all our fans one interesting, but short video. Namely, Giulio Cattarini made one-minute-video intro from ‘Money for Nothing’ song by Dire Straits.

Till now, Giulio has made couple of videos where he played many songs by Dire Straits on his guitar. For sure, we can say that he loves the music of Dire Straits. He also told us couple of interesting stuffs for his video.

“Hi everyone, this is my cover for ‘Money for Nothing’ intro. The sound of the guitar is surprisingly similar to the original and was obtained by putting one pickup magnetically out of phase (Peter Green mod) in the central position of the switch.”

In this video Giulio played on his Les Paul Guitar through a Vox amplifier Pathfinder 10 Union jack limited edition and an Ibanez tube screamer mini + a Zoom ms70cdr. He has filmed this video with a Sony mirror less camera and Canon lens. Hope that you’ll like this video.

Also you can search on Dire Straits blog for Giulio Cattarini and you will find older posts about his video covers. Enjoy!

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