Johnny McIntrye with his Country Version of “Walk of Life”

Johnny McIntrye with his Country Version of “Walk of Life”

Johnny McIntrye

Johnny McIntrye is a musician, who makes his own style of music of old folk, country and blues genre. With a lot of influences such as Wilco, Neil Young, Paul Kelly and Bob Marley, Johnny brings you the taste of the sound of early Rock N’ Roll recordings to your ears.

Because Johnny had the music influence from Eddie Vedder, Wilco, Neil Young , Dispatch Band and many other musicians, he has a specific style with smooth melodies and warm tones. These styles with dirty country sound, characterizes Johnny McIntyre’s music.

After years of journeying around Australia Johnny returns with three solo albums released in 2012, 2013 and 2015. Daisy Chains – 2012, Fight The Fear – 2013 & Gypsy Walking – 2015.

He has participated in many music festivals around the world, promoting his music and songs, his own style and albums.

That is what is interesting that Johnny, before 10 days at his YouTube Channel, published one video for the 60th birthday of his dad, where Johnny wished him all the best and played one classic song from Dire Straits – “Walk of Life”, on his electric guitar. You can hear the sound of his style down below in the video that lasts five minutes. Enjoy.


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