Are “Money For Nothing” and “Heavy Fuel” the same songs?

Are “Money For Nothing” and “Heavy Fuel” the same songs?

Are "Money For Nothing” and “Heavy Fuel” the same songs?

Originally this was published on April 2, 1992 in Georgia Streigt. Back in 1985 when Dire Straits released Brothers In Arms album, which was massively sold in millions and millions of copies around the world, there was one song called “Money For Nothing”.

Many years after that, in 1991 when Dire Straits released their six and final album On Every Street, fans of Dire Straits were really worried about one their songs. The album had amazing songs and that was great. But the fans did notice one thing about their songs.

You never know what is worse, to copy other bands or to copy their own. In that time there was speculation in the news, about  “Money For Nothing” from 1985 and “Heavy Fuel” from 1991 that they are the same song with different lyrics. When you look back  in retrospect “Money For Nothing” was absolutely a hit song, but what Dire Straits did with “Heavy Fuel”, was really obvious. For many fans the band fell down for several places on their list of favorite bands.

But however you will probably forget everything about it when you see how Mark Knopfler played in front of your eyes “Sultans of Swing” or “Brothers In Arms”. The energy which Dire Straits shared with fans was so big that we could not stop loving them.

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