Jacopo Pausa: “My Music is Inspired by Dire Straits & MK”

Jacopo Pausa: “My Music is Inspired by Dire Straits & MK”

Jacopo Pausa

Jacopo Pausa is a 21-years-old musician, guitarist, and songwriter from Italy. He started playing on guitar when he was only 7-years old.

These days, Jacopo has sent us an e-mail where he told us something more about his music. So, we decided to share his story with all you guys, readers, fans and followers on Dire Straits Blog, because his music, as he said is inspired by the great Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits.

“I started playing guitar when I was 7, deeply inspired by the music of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits,” he said.

Jacopo this year released his first self-produced album called The Truth, which is about facts of real life. This album has ten songs: “Wild North,” “How Good the World Is,” “That’s Not Easy,” “Humble Girl,” “Underwear,” “In The Backyard,” “Memories,” “The Truth,” and “Mad World.” Down below for the first time you can hear some of his songs.

On his YouTube channel, Jacopo until now has published three music videos for his songs “Wild North,” “How Good the World Is,” and “That’s Not Easy.” For the song “That’s Not Easy” Jacopo wrote:

I wrote this song after I listen to a couple of mainstream songs on the radio. The artists were talking about how cool they were and how they lived their reckless life. I thought – “Do they know their audience is mostly made by kids? Do they know they have responsibility for what they are talking about?” It’s hard nowadays to emerge without talking about drugs, cars, richness and stuff like that, and it’s hard to let people, especially children, aware of what they are listening to, I mean, that’s not easy but, I swear, I’ll try…

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