Listen to The British Grove Broadcast with Mark Knopfler – Full Radio Emission

Listen to The British Grove Broadcast with Mark Knopfler – Full Radio Emission

Mark Knopfler

On March 4, 2020, Mark Knopfler had his first series on the radio and premiere show on Volume Channel 106. He celebrated his love of radio, influential artists and music discovery as he introduces audiences to tracks that they may not have heard before.

Because this show was on-demand and went on air-live only in Canada and The United States of America, below is the full radio emission which has been uploaded on YouTube, so, you can listen to and enjoy with Mark Knopfler from his studio in West London – The British Grove. Mark shared some of his favorite songs on the first premiere show on the radio.

He opened the radio show with one young band that he like it and that is the band Blitzen Trapper with the song “Love the Way You Walk Away.”

“British Grove is the name of my studio here in London, and this is being my base for the past few years. It’s been recent why I haven’t gone to the States to make records for a while, and it’s just a wonderful place to work here and a beautiful place to play records and enjoy music,” Mark said.

“Radio’s always was so important for me with music. It’s started when I was 18-months-old, and I was sitting there and I would listen very intently to the music, and also to the lyrics. When I was older, the songs came up to me again. I remembered the very powerful feeling of recognition, that this is for me,” he added.

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