Two Piano Covers for the Songs “So Far Away” & “Walk of Life”

Two Piano Covers for the Songs “So Far Away” & “Walk of Life”

Andreas Pessoa Cousin

For all our fans and followers, we want to share these two amazing piano covers from the songs by Dire Straits, “So Far Away,” and “Walk of Life” in performance by Andreas Pessoa Cousin.

Namely, Andreas made these two video covers in January 2020, which also he uploaded and shared on his YouTube channel where you can find very cool and fun videos, drum covers and etc. Below are the covers by Andreas and you can listen to them. Also if you like them, you can give us a comment.

Andreas is a very young and talented musician who knows to play on drums and piano. Until now he made many drums and piano covers for songs by Dire Straits, Bon Jovi, Bee Gees, Pink Floyd, Boney M, and other artists and bands. Check below the piano covers for the songs “So Far Away,” and “Walk of Life”.

Piano Cover – Dire Straits – So Far Away

Piano Cover – Dire Straits – Walk of Life

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