“Down to The Waterline” – Cover by The French Band Ripley

“Down to The Waterline” – Cover by The French Band Ripley

The French Band - Ripley!

The French band called Ripley formed by Francois Lepage is back again with another cover version from Dire Straits. This time they performed the song from the debut album by Dire Straits – “Down to The Waterline.”

The frontman of the band has sent us an e-mail where he shares that he is fine at this time. He wrote to us:

“I hope that everything is going well. My son just went back from London, UK, where he spent eight months, and he is okay now, but he misses England at the same time. We all are stuck at home in France. At this time, I just want to share with all Dire Straits fans a cover of “Down to The Waterline,” including a mix of video and pictures of the band, because this is now our 10th year anniversary. Please, stay all safe,” – Francois.

Ripley is playing its versions of Dire Straits songs. Until now they have made covers of the songs “Six Blade Knife,” and “Once Upon a Time in The West” – click here to watch their covers. Also, they made a cover of “Sultans of Swing,” – click here.

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