Two New Dire Straits Video Covers from the Band Ripley & Francois Lepage

Two New Dire Straits Video Covers from the Band Ripley & Francois Lepage

Ripley Band & Francois Lepage

Francois Lepage shares with us an interesting story a few months ago, where he told how he met Mark Knopfler in Bordeaux, France and he signed Francois’s Schechter guitar. If you didn’t read that blog-post, click here and you will found out the interesting story from Francois.

Francois Lepage is born in 1970 in France and he is a huge fan of electric guitars. He already owns and plays on the original Californian Schecter Van Nuys similar to the one that Mark Knopfler played during the 80s and the appear in Alchemy Live.

These days, Francois published two new video covers from Dire Straits songs with his band Ripley. They performed the song “Six Blade Knife,” and “Once Upon a Time in The West.” Below you can watch their performance. Francois said: “We are recording more video covers and soon we will publish two video covers for the songs “Money for Nothing” and “Down to the Waterline.”

After having played with a lot of bands in Paris and Bordeaux, Francois now leads the band called “Ripley.”

Francois also added: “The name of the band was chosen because Ripley is the city where Eric Clapton grew up, and Ripley’s pronunciation looks like – “Replay.” We are not professional musicians at all but we just want to have fun and play the music we like. We also play a lot of hit songs from the late 70s and 80s from Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Deep Purple, JJ Cale, and many more. We love them all, but Dire Straits is our first reference.”

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