Did Robin Play a Better Version of “Walk of Life” Than Mark Knopfler?

Did Robin Play a Better Version of “Walk of Life” Than Mark Knopfler?


Did Robin play a better version of “Walk of Life” than Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits?

Namely, Robin (as we found out from one of his videos on YouTube) is a street musician probably from Vancouver, Canada. He made a lot of music video covers which he shared on YouTube. He is playing in front of some subway station. In this blog-post, we want to share with all our fans his video where he played the solo from the song “Walk of Life.”

As we can see from the video description he wrote: “I’m not bragging, and I love Knopfler, but Knopfler has never played the song with this amount of improving detail, mixing solo lines with rhythm and fleshing it out from its very basic structure. No vocals leave lots of room for improvement. And let’s face it: Some people absolutely hate this song because it has been so overplayed and they don’t want to hear another “Woo-Hoo!” in their life. My wife is one who will run screaming from the room if she hears the song.”

Below is the video from the performance of Robin for “Walk of Life.” Watch the video and give us a comment on your opinion. Keep in mind that Robin’s performance end at the (3:15 minutes). Enjoy.

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