David MacDonald and His Two Versions of Romeo & Juliet

David MacDonald and His Two Versions of Romeo & Juliet

David MacDonald.

David MacDonald is a musician and songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. He grew up listening to Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits, in car of his father. Romeo & Juliet was one of his favourites songs since then, and one of the first songs that he learned to play on guitar.

The first cover version by David from Romeo & Juliet was made 3 years ago and you can hear below. This version is very classic, will made you to feel in good mood and is good to listen with some good wine.

He said that this song was on his set when he played live or go out, Romeo & Juliet always seems to connect people. The song meant so much for him and also the lyrics from song was meant for lot of other people.

David also have own tracks and an album who is on the way to published. When he is free and have a extra time David go out and play live his special cover songs.

Here you can check out the second video where David made his own version of Romeo & Juliet from Dire Straits.


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