Daughter of Hal Lindes Talk About Her Band and Dire Straits

Daughter of Hal Lindes Talk About Her Band and Dire Straits

Staz Lindes

24 year-old Staz Lindes Is a rock star, model, photographer and from now she is the new face-model of Yves Saint Laurent.

Staz Lindes is the daughter of Hal Lindes, the ex-member of Dire Straits. Like her father Staz love rock music. She was discovered by a former Saint Laurent designer Hedi Silmane while she was playing bass guitar and sang in her garage-girl band – The Paranoyds.

Staz Lindes

In one interview she talk about her lips, hair and her beauty. Also she told that her favourite song from Dire Straits is “Sultans of Swing”. Talking about new face model of YSL in one question what Yves Saint Laurend means to her, she revealed that YSL is historic and iconic part of history of fashion.

About their band, Staz told that it’s an extremely different time when her father was in band. Hal has been in a band where someone else writes the songs, but now she told that you must have time for all the stuff in band.

The band is where their heart and passion is. She told that you must to put a lot of free time, effort money and work on it, before you will expect something in return. The most important thing for her is to get out there and connect with the people. Because people are the ones who decide careers.

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