Wolfgang Hammersmith – Story and Rare Photographs of Dire Straits

Wolfgang Hammersmith – Story and Rare Photographs of Dire Straits

Dire Straits at the beginning of their career in ABC.

Wolfgang Hammersmith is an accomplished photographer, author, musician, and diver. He pursued training in each of these areas to improve his skills in many areas.

In 1979 Wolfgang obtained a Master Photographic Certificate after nine-month apprenticeship under Joseph Benjocky in Long Beach, CA. During this time, he studied color and BW, negative and print retouching, restoration, copying rare photographs and wet darkroom process technology.

He has more than 400 photographs of celebrities on motion picture sets. Wolfgang also had worked for magazine articles, album covers and promotion materials for range of media. Steve Martin, Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler are some of those celebrities.

Mark Knopfler and Pick Withers – Photo by Wolfgang.

Hammersmith became a NASDS Open Circuit Scuba Diver in 1964 and is a current PADI Dive Master and Master Diver since 1994, logging 2,997 hours underwater in 4,296 dives over a 52-year period, performing work as an underwater photographer and cinematographer.

Dire Straits guitarists Mark Knopfler (left) and Hal Lindes (right) performing for ABC.

As a former member of the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians, he created a number of techniques used today for underwater motion picture production. He has also made hundreds of educational films and videos for professional diver training programs.

He and his wife Elizabeth produce educational programs, including professional diver training videos. Wolfgang had worked with Sony and Nikon video cameras and underwater he made own designed lighting systmes for photography images.

Wolfgang Hammersmith

Hammersmith is a licensed helicopter pilot. As a helicopter pilot, he knows what to  maneuvers to specify when using motion picture and video cameras. Wolfgang currently works with Vadium, Inc. where his official title is Founder, Senior Vice President, Advanced Research and Security.

Photographs by Wolfgang Hammersmith

Mark Knopfler another photo created by Wolfgang.
Wolfgang Hammersmith photographed this black-and-white portrait of a young Steve Martin long before he built a career as a successful actor, writer, comedian, producer, and musician.
Fee Waybill is the lead singer and songwriter for The Tubes, a rock band formed in 1972. He also worked with Toto, Richard Marx, and Jack Casady.
Carlene Carter – The Country star is the daughter of June Carter.
Wolfgang Hammersmith – 2013.

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