“Tracker” from Knopfler – Best Album of 2015 & Album of the year

“Tracker” from Knopfler – Best Album of 2015 & Album of the year

Mark Knopfler.

When you think about guitars gods, you probably think on Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix and of course on Mark Knopfler. Basically Knopfler spent the second part of his life on establishing himself as a singer and songwriter like James Taylor or Jackson Browne or maybe J.J. Cale.

The entire solo career of Knopfler has many songs that were really hits on radio stations around the world. He has ten solo albums, fully with a lot of electric and acoustic guitars. And while the albums were all enjoyable, they were often shy of the guitar work that Knopfler’s fans crave.

The last solo album from Knopfler, before “Down the Road Wherever” which came out last year, was the “Tracker” album from 2015, which Knopfler did incredible tour around the world. The rhythm from “Tracker” album is mixed to sound more powerful.

But unlike “Privateering” – which was a double album with a little jazz was easily lead into album songs. Also that album has songs which Knopfler made them to sound like Local Hero soundtrack with the jazz rhythm and little country sound.

On the “Tracker” album – “Broken Bones” sounds like it could just as easily be on a J.J. Cale album, complete with rhythm and the pulsating wah-wah guitar. “Beryl” is the logical successor on that album.

In the end “Wherever I Go”, is the most beautiful song Knopfler has done since “Brothers In Arms”. It’s a sweet duet with Knopfler and Ruth Moody sharing the vocals over a slow and deliberate rhythm and a gorgeous sax solo with a gem of a guitar solo.

All in all, “Tracker” album was simply amazing work from Knopfler. His songwriting skills and quality of his voice has never been better. The instruments are specific and make you to enjoyed on this album same like you enjoyed on Dire Straits albums.


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