‘The Princess Bride’ In Concert Continues Around USA to April 2022

‘The Princess Bride’ In Concert Continues Around USA to April 2022

the-princess-bride-los-angeles-linda-rose-militano-dire-straits-blog-mark-knopfler-news-usa-2022-2021Photo by: Linda Rose Militano

The world premiere of ‘The Princess Bride’ in concert took place on July 31, 2021, at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, USA.

The live-to-picture performance was introduced by the director, Rob Reiner, and the film was accompanied by a full orchestral adaptation of Mark Knopfler’s original score, performed by Los Angeles Philharmonic.

The magic continues with dates for more US performance screenings now announced in San Francisco, Vienna, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Portland, and Nashville. Plus, more locations are to be announced.

Because the world is still facing a pandemic situation, missing this cinematic concert experience would be inconceivable. For more details about the concert dates and tickets please click – here!

Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…You’ll have a chance to experience one of the most beloved films of all time as never before.

With the power of the Los Angeles Philharmonic performing brand new orchestral arrangements of composer Mark Knopfler.

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