“Your Latest Trick” – Dire Straits Cover by The French Band Custom Kitchen

“Your Latest Trick” – Dire Straits Cover by The French Band Custom Kitchen

yann-gutter-france-custom-kitchen-your-latest-trick-dire-straits-blog-news-fan-club-video-cover“Your Latest Trick” – Dire Straits Cover by The French Band Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchen is a band from France and we have already written more about them in some of our past blog posts. Today, we would like to share with you another their performance. This time that’s the song “Your Latest Trick” by Dire Straits.

Firstly, the band is formed by Yan Gutter and some other several members. Their performance of the song “Your Latest Trick” is really amazing. The video is premiered on January 5th, 2021, and until now the video has around 600 views.

The recording session for this video was in the lockdown period. As Yann said, the inspiration for the song is from its live version from 1992/1993 by Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits.

This version is made from six musicians including Yann Gutter and Nicolas Sutter on electric guitars, Frederic on drums, Franck-Jean on a bass guitar, Alexandre Tissot on keyboards, and Oliver Werly on saxophone.

About this video, Yann has shared some more information for our website blog. He said:

“We recorded the audio part at the same time when we did ‘Money for Nothing’ video cover. The main problem with this video was that we’ve been really busy, and also it was the pandemic time. We had to do the distance recordings.”

“As the lockdown stopped in France temporally, we did the live session. Anyway, we had a quite good recording. I edited the video clip in black and white with myself singing and playing, but without the other members. I didn’t want to bother them to make time to record a video that suited what I had in my mind.”

“Because I’m very interested in video editing I wanted to try something new and more classical about the video. The time was too short for me and I had to be faster around publishing. I thought that black and white video would do the trick, stick to the “sadness” and retro vibe of the song. I wanted to be more “pro” than the ‘Money for Nothing’ video,” he said.

“Hope that you’ll like the video. Also, I’m very happy about the support from DSB. I really love this blog and all the work you’re doing for the memory of this incredible band,” he finished.


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