Mark Knopfler Joins as Honorary Member of Wine Club ‘Membresia La Tenada’

Mark Knopfler Joins as Honorary Member of Wine Club ‘Membresia La Tenada’

Mark Knopfler Joins as Honorary Member of Wine Club ‘Membresia La Tenada’

The former singer and guitarist of Dire Straits is in love with the Spanish Valduero Wine. He visited the winery on April 27, 2019 to sign his barrel, taking advantage of the fact that he was in Spain for his tour “Down The Road Wherever Tour 2019”.

Mark has accepted the honor to be the member of this winery. He also said: “Very soon I’ll be back,” with the smile on his face.

The artist was so excited to meet Yolanda and Carolina García Viadero, the owners and directors of Valduero, as well as to find out more about the history of the winery and the wines, in addition to signing the top of the Valduero 6 Year Premium Reserve 2010 barrel, which credits him as Illustrious Member of the La Tenada de Valduero Membership.

The beautiful weather and fabulous sun at the vineyard got the successful guitarist, singer, composer and music producer, to confessed that he feels fortunate to be a part of this wine club.

He was also charmed by Valduero 6 Years Premium Reserve 2010, but at the same time excited and delivered with Valduero Lantigua 1989 and with Valduero 12 Years 1999.

Mark Knopfler confirmed that he is a humble and close person, he defines himself as a cosmopolitan person who loves big cities like London and New York. He also tasted a good food at the winery and he asked about the recipe of the potato omelet as soon as he tasted it, confessing that he loves good cooking, although he is only able to make breakfast for his children.

When they talked about love, Mark said that a great example is the one that Valduero has on earth and respect for nature, and that what is missing in the world is actually the love. He also expressed his deep admiration for Plácido Domingo, who like him, is also an honorary member of the La Tenada de Valduero membership.

Before he was leaving from the winery, he promised that he will be back very soon. The owners of the winery and the directors said that the visit of Mark Knopfler to Valduero once again showed them that from time to time, life gives us the opportunity to approach those geniuses we believe are inaccessible, confirming that in addition to their talent, they also stand out as people.

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