17 Years of the Soundtrack Album ‘A Shot at Glory’ by Mark Knopfler

17 Years of the Soundtrack Album ‘A Shot at Glory’ by Mark Knopfler


A Shot at Glory is a film by Michael Corrente produced in 1999 and released in 2002. The film is starring with Robert Duvall and the Scottish football player Ally McCoist.

The film features the fictional Scottish football club Kilnockie FC, based on a North of Scotland Highland Football League club, as they attempt to reach their first ever Scottish Cup Final, and the final game is against Rangers FC.

In this film Robert Duvall (Gordon McLeod) is the manager of a second tier Scottish football team. Faced with the pressure from his American owner, he is forced to bring on a marquee player to improve the fortunes of the team and prevents its being moved from the fiercely loyal town it’s been for a century. Along the way, McLeod must battle his own demons, including long-standing tiffs with both his daughter and a former colleague who betrayed him.

The film is directed by Michael Corrente, produced by Robert Duvall and written by Denis O’Neill. A soundtrack album for the film is by Mark Knopfler featuring drums from Craig Lennon.

“The music will come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen and heard such previous Knopfler soundtracks as those for Local Hero and The Princess Bride. There are some Scottish themes in keeping with the movie’s setting, a couple of slow-moving instrumentals in which Knopfler finger-picks an acoustic guitar, and three vocal tracks. “He’s the Man” sounds like it could fit on a Dire Straits or Knopfler solo album, with its rocking tune, “Say Too Much” is a jazzy number with trumpet and saxophone solos, but minimal lyrics, and “All That I Have in the World” is a tender ballad,” said William Ruhlmann.

The album is recorded in Castle Sound Studio in length of almost 38 minutes, during the period from 1999 to 2000. It’s released on April 28, 2002. On this album are 11 songs. Producers of this album are Mark Knopfler as well as his friend and band mate from the Dire Straits era Guy Fletcher. On the album are also musicians as Billy Jackson, Steve Sidwell, Danny Cummings, Chris White, Iain Macinnes and Catriona MacDonald.

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